Some words

The long read:

All the things I’ve done… minute by minute; twenty-three million six hundred fifty-two thousand

In the wavering’s of my heart

In the middle night

Imagined a boat; crossing the heaving seas

Looking out for land; yearning for safe crossing


Like many sailors of the yesterday

Submitted to the yoke of hope, Dreaming the distant near


Life goes out to beyond the horizon

The dream is never here or close.


I beg for what lies beyond

The tick tock of all the clocks

The time between being born

And deaths arm held wide open

Calling you home.


This life is hell and heaven all at once

happiness for me is some way off

Home is a rented box

Home is someway off

Love is a rented vision of others love and hopes

Love is someway off


So, tell me the secrets

Of love lost, of happiness. Of wealth and homelessness

Nobody told me;

Life – the circle, partly vicious

Taking me around again.

To throw me off at some distant stop

While my life follows in slow-mo


These are the days of watching;

Of others going by;

in the hours of the day light;

in someone else’s shoes.


Andrew Brough


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