Royal High School planning result

Well a hotel or not? Today the Development Management Sub Committee decided that…

The two votes – one for listing building consent and the other planning application for the actual hotel were both rejected unanimously – not one Councillor present was in favour of the Hotel.

William Gray Muir, chairman of the Royal High School Preservation Trust said: “We are very pleased to note the unanimous rejection of this application, embracing Scotland’s full political spectrum

“It is difficult to disagree with the committee convenor’s description of the proposal as “universally reviled”.

“Not one of the many civic representatives who spoke today had received a single comment in favour of this scheme.

To quote the Convenor of said committee

“…Edinburgh would not forgive us if we approved this building”

Cllr. Lewis Ritchie.

See my tweets during the day for how the Committee meeting unfolded and the hashtag #SaveRHS

More info on The Scotsman website.

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